Bhuj: The Pride of India trailer is here and before we analyze the expectations we will keep from this film, let’s take a look at this Ajay Devgan film. Devgan plays Vijay Karnik, a real-life hero who played a key role in Pakistan’s victory in the 1971 war.

Since then it has been the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 or more popularly the Bangladesh Liberation War. It took place between India’s Mitro Bahini forces and Pakistan. With the help of 300 women living in Bhuj, Gujarat, Squadron leader Vijay Karnik achieved an unprecedented victory over the neighboring country.

Bhuj: The Pride of India’s trailer is packed in a way to earn a polarizing perspective because there is no middle ground. You want the trailer to be released on the big screen, or you hate to lose it altogether. Let’s dive deeper into the ‘why?’ Part of the above analogy.

To understand the arguments we make, let us take you back to the last time Ajay Devgan broke records at the box office before the epidemic. His 2020 release Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior did not exceed everyone’s expectations, but it retained a place of its own in the genre it came from.

With Bhuj: The Pride of India, Team-Series & Ajay Devgan Films clearly apply the same principle, but the chances of it succeeding for Tanhaji are bleak. Ajay Devgn – Saif Ali Khan period drama merged its current style with ‘Masala’, and it did wonders for the film due to the time frame in which it was shot. As it tells the story of the 1640s, the only thing manufacturers should keep in mind is not to distort history.

Bhujrato: The Pride of India, which is a completely different story; The incident based on the story took place a few decades ago. One thing makes clear how the movie’s trailer is packed with all the commercial elements. It has Nora Fatehi’s item number and we’m not saying it’s really compelling, but does it really need one?

Direct dialogues from Rajat Arora School of Cinema are very juicy & memorable to be a part of this film based on real life events. It is not entirely in the ‘border’ zone, it is also OTT without being released on the OTT platform. Despite all this, Border is a favorite for adrenaline-pumping writing. Bhuj: Pride of India does not even appear in the ‘airlift’ zone which has the right dose of intrigue as well as patriotism.

Bhuj: Pride of India creates a special place for itself in the generation in which it exists, or it is chanted slogans for trying to do so. From the trailer, it feels complicated to land between the two. Ajay Devgan fans, what do you think about it?


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