Ever since Rahul proposed to medical actress Disha Parmar on national television in Bigg Boss 14, reports of their marriage have been circulating about the town. Now the singer has confirmed the marriage and also revealed some exciting details about their wedding ceremony.

The singer took to social media on Tuesday and made the much-anticipated wedding announcement. A US announcement was released on Instagram in which the wedding date was shared. The couple set July 16 as their wedding date. The statement said, “With the blessings of our families, we are very happy to share this special moment with all of you. We are pleased to announce that our wedding will take place on July 16, 2021. We look forward to your love and blessings as we begin this new chapter of love and unity. ”

Now both Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar have opened up during a conversation with Etims about their wedding plans. The couple revealed that they always wanted it to be a small affair because they believe they should enjoy getting married with their loved ones. Rahul said, “Disha and I have always been in favor of an intimate marriage. We want our loved ones to attend our big day and bless us. The marriage takes place according to Vedic rituals and Gurbani Shabad is also sung at the event. ”

Disha, on the other hand, said, “My idea of ​​an ideal wedding ceremony is a spiritual affair. Marriage is a union attended by two individuals and their families with their loved ones. I always wish for a simple celebration and I am glad we are moving forward. ”

Earlier, the couple shared a picture of themselves wearing their outfits on social media. However, it was later revealed that the film was Rahul Vaidya’s new song from Madhania


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