If you’re a music lover, then Braj Records has something for all aspiring Music Lovers/Singers The music industry is always evolving, and music events are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your time, effort, and money. In this very article, we’re going to tell you about the best music event that is going to be organized at your place. There’s a talent hunt event “FAME OF BRAJWOOD 2023” for all the singers, musicians, music composers, &  lyricists to showcase their talent to the world. 

If you’re a fan of live music & singing , then this is a golden opportunity for you! The annual Music event will be taking place in  your city. This is your chance to showcase your mesmerizing vocals and set some benchmarks for others & see some of the best musicians performing live on stage. There will be a wide variety of musical genres mainly “Braj Basha“ represented at the event, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. 


The Winner/Winner team will get to do the future projects with them and may get a chance to sing on other reputed platforms and even in the film industry. 

It’s not often that the winner of a music competition gets to work on a film project. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


The purpose of the event is to bring people together through the power of music and bring close to the Braj Bhasha which is majorly spoken in cities like Mathura, Agra, Aligarh… The event will feature a variety of musical performances, as well as opportunities for attendees to interact with each other. It’s going to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone involved.


Braj Records settled in Agra, this studio exclusively offers something and everything associated with music recordings, unlike most others which offer video recording as well. From recording, to sound piece of writing, combining master, sound style, jingle, and music production further as vocalization recording, Braj Records provides it all.


Recently, Braj Records has shaken hands with Brajwood Studios and is going to organize the best music event in Agra.


Shiv Pratap Singh, Network Engineer but driven by passion of music which led to the birth of Braj Records with the aim to provide a platform to the deserving artists and to market primarily Braj Bhasha songs like Haryanvi, Punjabi and many more. Plan was sparked in 2018, however it had been formally launched in 2020. At first they started covering Bhajan Sandhyas and cultural events. But, it does not take them long for their presence to unfold across the web. They have conjointly worked with great NGOs like Sankalp Sewa Sanstha, Natranjali Theatre Arts and Jalwa Groups. 


Whether you’re a classical music fan or prefer contemporary tunes, Music events are a great way to enjoy your favorite genre while supporting local artists. Music events also provide an opportunity to socialize and meet new people who share your taste in music.

Be prepared for the evening which is gonna be full of  loud noise and lots of excitement. Bring a backpack or crossbody bag because you’ll want to have your hands free to dance and clap, so bring a small bag that you can easily carry around. 


So Hurry Up Guys…

Brush Up Your Skills…

Get Ready With Your Best Prepared Songs




Have fun. An amazing evening is waiting for you guys. Let loose yourself because a music event is the perfect place to let loose and have a good time. So go ahead and dance like no one’s watching! 



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