Everyone in the film business has their own journey. Neha Dhupia has been in a strong voice since entering the movie. The actor is all set to release his new short film Step Out on Hotstar. Dhupia joined Media for a special conversation and talked about many things, including not getting a job consistently and her comments about physical abuse. Read on to find out what Neha said and don’t miss the video.

Neha Dhupia talks about her break after coming to Coimbatore for a special conversation after giving birth to her adorable daughter Mehr. This time, he talks about how to create work for himself and not do too much work.

Neha Dhupia replied, “I always stayed at home and did nothing. Even on days when I don’t work in movies, I always do something. I work at No Filter Neha, I work at Roadiesday and then I do the most important thing that any woman or any man can do. I try to be my best parental version, he stays around my child as much as he can. ”

“I remember this conversation with Sourav Shukla and we laughed when we were working on two or three films. Ever since I set foot in Mumbai I may not have worked on one film in another, but I have always worked on it. I will not say this with any level of immorality. I am saying this with utmost humility because I don’t need to work too much, I have to create work around me, ”said Neha Dhupia.

When asked how difficult it is for him to create work, he said it is frustrating at first, but you have to deal with it. Neha Dhupia said, “At first when you were very young, it was a bit frustrating. You have to take it your step. When you create work you do what you really want to do. It brings with it the experience of age. Back to having your own voice again. If I had to do it, I would have done it to you, the goddess did it because she gave it to me. And then I sat at home, and then I waited for something fun to happen and the move got in my way. ”


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