Ravi Dubey is ready to deal with his fans with Jamai Raja 2.0. In the show, she has been seen in television beauty as well as Naya Sharma. While the promotions can’t stop looking at their intimate scenes, the actress recently ended up calling her the ‘best magnet’ Here’s what Robi has to say about this!

For the converts, Nia recently won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Actress Jamai Raja started campaigning for the 2.0 season while on the stage Sharma revealed that people often ask in interviews about what he was kissing Robbie on screen about being comfortable about “Okay, I can definitely say Robbie is the best magnet man!” He has revealed.

The media had a private conversation with Ravi Dubey a while ago. We asked her about Nia Sharma’s comments. The actor said, “I like Nia very much and I especially like her disruptive nature. I think this is the biggest thing that sets her apart from everyone else. So, I don’t think anything at all, in fact, my It should be taken as a compliment. What do you think? ”

But is he feeling the same about Nia Sharma? Ravi Dubey said to media, “I don’t know if he will feel comfortable with this answer (laughs). So, I will respect Near Dignity but I will say, he is the most professional person I have worked with. He is my best co-star and my My favorite co-star. ”

Okay, we have a reason to love this son-in-law King 2.0 Jodi and what better proof could there be?

The second season of the G5 show is set to premiere on February 26th.

Jamai Raja started its journey back in 2014. The show has now seen a spin off on OTT and is getting a lot of praise!


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