Actors Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Tiger 3, directed by Manish Sharma, will be filming action packed action in several European locations. Now, it seems that the Tiger team will go abroad in the second week of August and start shooting the foreign part of the film, shooting nonstop for the next two months.

After conducting a comprehensive resi in several locations, the producers decided to shoot Tiger 3 in Austria, Morocco, Turkey and Russia, with a quick halt in the United Arab Emirates. According to a tabloid, the characters in the story of Tiger 3 need to hop for an impossible mission from one place to another. It will be a 50 day plus schedule.

Salman Khan and his team will board the flight on August 12, but Katrina Kaif is expected to join them later this month. The crew will start filming solo scenes with Salman, after which the two stars will join him on a later schedule.

The filmmakers wanted the film to be shot in one stage in Ireland, Greece, Spain and France. However, it is not known whether they will visit these places.

To create action bigger than life, the producers recruited several action directors from different backgrounds. The budget is Rs. 300 crores, and Aditya Chopra had said clearly  that he wants to create content that can be enjoyed on the widest screen possible.


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