When Ranbir Kapoor’s first films in Sanjay Dutt Get Up came out while he was shooting for ‘Sanju’, it was hard to believe that he was not the real Dutt. But, their relationship is already there. From his teens, the Rockstar actor adored him, and the PK actor pampered him like his own younger brother. But, did you know that Rishi Kapoor is super angry with Sanjay who thinks he is spoiling his son?

Ranbir reveals that Sanjay was always giving him presents and luxuries. One time he gave him an expensive item as a gift, which Miffy shouted at Rishi at Dutt. Keep reading for more details.

In an interview to DNA, Ranbir Kapoor said, “I saw Sanjay Sar for the first time in Kashmir. He co-starred with Baba (Rishi Kapoor) in Sahib (1993). I saw this tall man with long hair, wearing earrings and wearing a pea; I was so mesmerized by his brilliance. I was fascinated by the word go. During our growing years, my sister, Riddima, kept a poster of Salman Khan in her cupboard while I had Sanjay Sar. So, I always adored him. ”

Ranbir Kapoor said, “However, he is very close to the family. He sees me as a younger brother and spoils me with so much love along with so many gifts. He gave me a Harley Davidson motorcycle for my birthday. He would take me for a drive in his Ferrari at midnight. It feels like life has come full circle with him when I get the chance to film him on screen. Initially, I did not have the confidence to play this role. However, when Raju Sar shared the script with me, I found the human side to Sanjay Sar. This is not the Sanjay Dutt we know. I now have so much adoration and respect for him. ”

Speaking about Harley Davidson, Ranbir said, “It’s at home. Reminds me that I had to hide it for a long time because Papa didn’t like bikes. When I found out that Sanjay Sar had given me a gift I called him and fired him. He said to him, ‘Stop spoiling my son, Isko tere jaisa mat bana.’ But now, he knows I have a bike. This is one of my most valuable assets, ”he told the daily.

Ranbir Kapoor said, “Actually, Sanjay Sar was ready for his new building Imperial Heights seven years ago. It was a surprise, I came out of the gym and saw this shiny red Harley Davidson. I was so happy. So, I’m so glad I had it. I can not thank Sanjay enough. “


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